We at Global Translation and Interpreting Services recognise that interpreting is a challenging but a vital role in society today, hence why we only employ the best interpreters in the business.

Our interpreters are highly skilled to ensure that they speak with confidence, are accurate and very knowledgeable in their specialist fields. Our interpreters have a wealth of experience in a myriad of settings which include: business, medical, courtroom, conference and legal services.

All our interpreters are physically present during the oral translation process, known as face to face interpreting.

Face to face interpreting can be divided into three different categories and these are:

Consecutive interpreting- requires our skilled interpreters to listen and take notes whilst a speaker is talking. Once there is a gap in the conversation or a pause, our interpreter will start relaying the information in the requested language to the target audience. This methodology is appropriate for court hearings, medical interviews and business meetings to name but a few.

Conference interpreting- this method is normally used during large scale meetings, government settings and conferences. It requires our professional interpreter to simultaneously listen and translate into a specific language to a specific audience

Whispered interpreting- similar to conference interpreting, but here our skilled interpreter will simultaneously listen and translate into a specific language by whispering to an audience of no more than two people At Global Translation and Interpreting Services, we aim to tailor our interpreting service as to a client’s request. No matter how small or large; how complex or how far, we aim to deliver an efficient, professional and reliable service at all times.

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